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viernes, 18 de enero de 2019

Transforma la experiencia con tu café

Transforming Your Coffee Experience

Bean Envy
At Bean Envy, we pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality coffee products to instantly transport you to your favorite café with every cup…and the best part is that you can do this from the comfort of your own home! ​

Founded in a coffee lover’s paradise, the Pacific Northwest, Bean Envy specializes in delivering superior coffee products to coffee lovers like you! Whether you’re entertaining or simply starting your day, our Cold Brew Coffee Carafe will turn the ordinary into extraordinary, giving you the perfect cold brewed coffee every time.

The perfect amount, whenever you need it

The biggest benefit of a pour over coffee maker is being able to control exactly how much coffee you make. No more wasting your best coffee beans or pouring out a stale brew.

Proven Filtration

Pour over Fanatics insist this method—especially if you skip the paper filter—our filter helps give your coffee a more natural flavor. That’s because paper filters are so fine that they don’t allow cacao oils into your coffee cup.

Brew on a budget

Our 20 oz. pour over brewer includes BPA-free cone with a glass carafe so you can brew for a crowd or your own high-caffeine needs in one shot.

The filter cone is dishwasher safe (top rack only), so cleanup is also a cinch. It also comes with a coffee scoop and five filters to get you started.

Does Pour Over Coffee Taste Better?

It depends on how you like your coffee, but we honestly think how you measure coffee and grind your beans just before you brew has more of an impact.

What definitely makes your morning better is taking the time to appreciate your brewing process and discovering a new ritual for your morning cup of coffee. Caffeine is associated with frenzied mornings or stressful late nights, so taking the time to slow down and enjoy your coffee might be just what the barista ordered.

Proven Quality. Proven Brand.

Bean Envy’s Pour Over is perfect proves you don’t need a pricey machine to get a delectable cup of coffee. If you haven’t tried making a cup of good old-fashioned pour over coffee at home, you need to get brewing as soon as possible.

Designed using thick, durable borosilicate glass.

A unique silicone sleeve to surround the bottom of the carafe to minimize the risk of slipping, cracking and prevention of condensation.

Extra silicone tight fitting cap included. This will keep your coffee tasting fresh Stainless steel cap with a durable silicone rings to maintain freshness High quality laser cut filter for perfect steeping.  BPA/Plastic free.

Easy to read volume markings on the glass carafe.